Adult Tennis

Club Sessions

A series of doubles matchplay sessions are available every week of the year! Balls are provided (new balls every Saturday) and a peg-board system is used to ensure a fair and easy rotation of players. Come along and play sets with other members!

Monday from 6pm (singles)

Tuesday from 6pm

Wednesday from 6pm

Friday 10am-12pm*

Saturday 2-6pm

Sunday 10am-12pm

*available to off-peak members

Saturday Tea

During the Saturday afternoon club session, members take it in turns to serve tea and cake for the other members playing that afternoon. Tea is served at 4pm and each item costs 50p.

Saturday Tea Rota
This is the current tea rota, see who's tea it is this week!
Please be aware that this may not be accurate if individuals have swapped weeks, check the copy on the notice board for an up to date version.
Best Tea winner 2018 - David Hovell
This is the winner of the Best Tea Award 2018: David Hovell!


Adult Coaching
Adult Coaching runs all year round

There are lots of great opportunities to get involved at Sutton Churches for players of all levels.

Group coaching available to all members, all year round on Tuesday and Thursday evenings & Saturday mornings!


  • Temporary membership for £45
  • 8 weeks of unrestricted club access
  • FREE 6 week group coaching course included
  • Extend to permanent membership at the end of 8 weeks, no obligation

Private Lessons

We offer private sessions with qualified, experienced coaches for 1-4 players at £30/hr + floodlight cost.

Cardio Tennis

Christmas Cardio
Our cardio sessions sometimes have themes, including Christmas Cardio every year!

Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable group fitness activity set on a tennis court and is open to adults of ALL ages and abilities.

Supported by music and with a qualified instructor, you'll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class and have the ultimate full-body cardiovascular workout at the same time.

  • NO playing experience necessary!
  • Curated SpotifyTM playlists
  • Coffee social after the morning workout

Thursdays 9.30-10.45am

£6/week when booking full course

£8/session pay-and-play

4 sessions for £20!
If you've never done Cardio Tennis before!